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Former Director Migration RD warns risk for terrorism if it declares war on Islamic

The former Director General of Migration Jose Ricardo Taveras warned before more than 400 notaries that the Dominican Republic is at risk of being targeted by terrorist attacks, as happened in France, if the Dominican government access to pressure from the United States to declare him the war on the Islamic State (ISIS).

The also general secretary of the Progressive National Force delivered the lecture "The notary and its challenges in an electronic world" at the First National Congress of the Dominican Notaries, sponsored by the Dominican College of Notaries, under the theme "Biometrics, non-contentious matters and digital signature ".

In this event, which takes place from Tuesday to Thursday in the Lina hotel, exposed ten Dominican specialists and 13 representatives from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, France and Spain.

The lawyer explained that Taveras is not advisable to adopt a state policy that encourages the Syrian emigration for reasons of national security and the hiperpoblación of Hispaniola.

He said that the Dominican Republic is obliged to accept the Syrian citizens who request refuge in our territory, and who meet the conditions established by the International Convention governing the status of refugees, and which is a signatory.

He noted that Isis is not a regular army or a nation-state, but a group of theocratic foundations that is present in all parts of the world, a large Muslim community resides in Haiti and that "it is not excluded that eventually" could be occasional cell at least in Hispaniola. "

He noted that the mentioned declaration of war on the Islamic State by the Dominican government would be a violation of the Constitution of the Republic, Article 3, states that "the principle of non-intervention constitutes an invariable rule of Dominican international policy."

Former Director of Immigration said it would be a grave mistake of the Dominican government to send troops to Syria that, in his opinion, are not necessary because France, Russia and the US have carried out repeated air strikes and there will be no displacement of infantry.

He explained that, in addition, the Dominican Republic lacks resources and operational capacity to deal with possible terrorist attacks, and to send troops to Syria or declare war on Isis would "put our country on the route of attacks, as happened in France following the displacement of Charle de Gaulle aircraft carrier in the theater of operations of Isis. "

The licensed Taveras said the US pressure "is unacceptable and that the Dominican government which is sponsoring a dialogue should resolve the problems of the Middle East, in a context of historical justice.

The US pressure for declaratory war was denounced today by journalist Julio Martínez Pozo on Sun morning program, which is produced by the station Sol 106.5.

The First Congress of the Dominican School of Notaries was opened on Tuesday with a speech by its president Pedro Rodriguez Montero and a conference on "The role of the notary in biometrics", led by Alvaro Rojas Charry, president of the Commission of American Affairs (CAA) of the International Union of Latin Notaries and president of the Union of Notaries Collegiate

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