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Amarante Baret: "Since the school is laying the foundations of a new country"

Ministro de Educación, Carlos Amarante Baret.
The Minister of Education, Mr. Carlos Amarante Baret, proclaimed that the delivery of 4 percent of GDP to education, resized and revalued the Dominican school, where they are laying the foundations for a new country.

"This new country is being forged which must be forged, in schools, in the classrooms; the transformation of education will have to serve as the basis for this new country, because the real revolution is occurring in schools, "he said.

He said that when planted in the children from school, it germinates in this new type of society we all want, "but many items can not make that leap. So we must go to school, where boys and girls can and should receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for life and for that better country we all want "are.

The Minister of Education said that the Extended School Day is the paradigm of the revolution that takes place from classrooms and schools.

He said that this model seeks to overcome the serious deficiencies which for years have affected the Dominican school of traditional two rounds, "deficiencies that also affect our universities." He stressed that the current curriculum, which is subject to major revisions, in force since 1993-1994, when it was approved the first Ten-Year Plan.

He said that with the two and a half hours taught in primary and three secondary level, the curriculum is not completed within the year, for a minimum of five hours of teaching at the Basic level is needed, and six hours in the medium level.

He stressed that the Extended School Day has an enrollment of 837,000 students expected to complete one million students benefited by the end of the month of December, with the coming into operation of new schools will be opened by President Danilo Medina. The goal is that by the end of 2016, 80% of schools are under this educational model.

Amarante Baret considered the Extended School Day is a leap in the quality of life of Dominicans, and that about 830 000 children eat daily in schools which is a great saving for their parents.

He said that this educational model also ensures that children and young people can receive 40 hours a week of teaching, as required by the school curriculum.

"It's eight hours of classes daily, which are divided into 36 hours of effective teaching and 4 hours a week that schools can use to implement workshops in dance, music, sports, implementation and reinforcement of ICT in curriculum areas such as mathematics and Spanish language. "

He said 79,000 teachers working in public schools and that the Ministry of Education through the National Institute of Education and Training of Teachers (INAFOCAM) works continuously in the training of teachers.

"We in this transformation are you integrating all universities to redesign their academic offerings in terms of teacher training, in order to improve the quality of training of graduates of career education," he said.

School Construction

When questioned about the construction of school buildings, Carlos Amarante Baret said that to date the Ministry of Education has paid the sum of 56 billion pesos in takeoffs.

Interviewed in the program The Evening government warned that school buildings is a program that includes thousands of young engineers around the country.

"The Education takeoffs coming to us we pay. People condemns the fact that some want to spend ready in the process of generating a scaling, but people know that competitions for the distribution of the works are totally transparent. "

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