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Business sector decreased approval of President Medina management

Danilo Medina Sanchez y
Dominican business sector decreased considerably approval to the administration of President Danilo Medina, reaching only 43.4% of the appreciation of entrepreneurs, compared to 71.9% in previous studies thrown.
The data is contained in the seventh edition of the Business Barometer Survey, Deloitte, which indicated 71.9% of popularity that Medina had previously verified in a survey conducted by the same firm in May this year.
In the detailed results, the polling also states that 39.8% of employers are indifferent to the management of the Head of State, because they do not approve or disapprove of the management (18.8% in May 2015).
He adds that 16.8% expressed no discharge to Medina, while the data from the previous survey only 9.3% disapproved of his administration.
In this study 85 executives of companies operating in the country, with annual turnover more than 10 million were consulted, according to the last fiscal year.
Reportedly, was held from September 28 to October 30, 2015, and participating companies belong to the manufacturing, financial services, consumer goods, real estate, energy and natural resources.
Also laboratories and healthcare companies, logistics, ports and shipping, technology, media and telecommunications, and other services.

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