miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

42 lit trees against corruption

Poder Ciudadano movement announced Wednesday that due to the holiday season and continue peaceful protests to demand corruption currently living nation, turn the so-called "Arbolito Corruption".

"Not long now to turn the 42 # ArbolitoDeCorrupción. Acompañano ". So motivated today through social networks to citizenship, the group of activist every Wednesday leading a human chain in front facilities Office Supervising Engineers of State (OISOE), rejecting the facts of corruption and embezzlement fund that has been the entity and other state.

PoderCiudadanoRD Twitter account, he presented a post with a map detailing the 42 locations where it will be installed "Arbolito Corruption" as a call for President Danilo Medina sanction officials involved in wrongdoing.

In another of its publications, the group of revolutionaries called the country to join hands to achieve Dominican Republic without corruption.

Meanwhile, the suicide of an architect in a bathroom of the building (OISOE) last Friday 25 September, which left a note specifying the alleged details of his death, was the reason that sparked questions from corrupt practices that periodically running on this public institution.

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