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Citizen Power: Justice RD has been converted into market buying and selling decisions

Poder Ciudadano T6
Citizen Power considers it urgent collective sanitize and transform the Dominican justice system, "become a market for buying and selling decisions, as evidenced by recent cases of corruption involving judges and other members of the judiciary."
"To clean up the justice system should start dismissing members of the high courts of justice sponsor impunity. This collapse of the judicial system the complicity of the Public Ministry and the Attorney General of the Republic refused to appeal in the case involving Senator Felix Bautista own becomes clear ", he criticized the collective.
Referring to the corruption scandal in the Office of Supervising Engineers of State (OISOE), Poder Ciudadano demanded that the former director of that entity, Miguel Pimentel Kareh, is also included in the file, "then mysteriously it does not figure between those responsible for corruption cases that occurred under his management and that led to the suicide of architect David Rodriguez. "
He said that to end impunity should give effect to the bringing to justice of all corruption cases, regardless of the political, business or social status that holds.
"The place of the thieves is jail and resources stolen from the people must be repaid to public property", they stressed in a press release.
Similarly, they demanded to be audited and investigate all public contracts in question as the Brazilian company Odebrecht, the electrical sectors, mining and privatized companies without transparency processes.
Danilo should explain. Said citizen power is the President Danilo Medina and his government which is responsible for explaining to the people who elected them, why keep open an office that duplicates the functions of a ministry or why allow police officers who attempt to mistreat protest outside the office for the next year will receive more than 9 billion pesos.

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